A little thank you

A little thank you.

Hello lady's, i thought i would do this little blog for you guys because oh my god i wouldn't be here with out you guys because of you all i have more of a positive mind and i also don't think i thank you enough i'm so grateful and everyday when i look around my room and i see all the cards and gifts you've got me since knowing you i just smile and feel so loved. When i'm out for good i look forward to buying you little gifts and going out for meals. So thank you thank you for always being there, I'm so glad i have met you all.

Tina, You made me feel so welcome when i first joined the swan, you also made me laugh a lot, i knew you cared about me and i loved working with you and i can honestly say i miss you. Since everything got a 'little' crazy you are checking up on me and always making me laugh. You are always buying me chocolate and little gifts and i'm so so grateful, You also made my 18th birthday cake which by the way was amazing. Thinking about it it was the best cake i have tasted in my life, i look forward to seeing you soon. Please know how grateful i am for everything you've done for me .

Lesley, Oh Lesley i think your brilliant, You always crack me up and make me smile, Even at work you were great. A big thank you for coming and seeing me, thank you for sending text message to see how i'm getting on. Thank you for all the chocolate you have got me and for the gifts i'm so so grateful for everything you have done and said to me. I look forward to seeing you again and p.s hope you have been to the doctors ;) Please know how grateful i am for everything you've done for me. 

Linda, Hello Linda, there is so much i could write but i'll keep it short, all the times at work and everything you have done for since everything got a 'little' crazy, you have helped my mum quite a bit since everything, well you know happened. I miss working with you we did have some great laughs i must say. Thank you for buying me chocolate and gifts thank you dropping a text also thank you for coming and seeing me, just thank you for everything. Please know how grateful i am for everything you've done for me. 

Diane, Oh Di, Now there is so much i could write and mostly like will but for another time. So i'll keep it short or i'll cry. You have been amazing and i don't think i could ever thank you enough because you are pretty much the best. Hopefully you know how much you mean to me and how much help you have been, just please know i'm so so so grateful for meeting you. I look forward to seeing you soon i really do. Big big hugs. 
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