Dear Larkwood and Longview

Larkwood and longview staff

Hello there,

I don't know who will read this but I hope that it goes round, You have pretty much changed my life for the better, You kept hold of my hope when I couldn't, you then passed the hope on to these guys at Ragland House and because of it I have taken some of that hope you were holding for me and it's a bloody great feeling, a feeling I thought I'd never have again. I have hope now and I'm making sure I'm not losing it again. Since being at Ragland House i have started to notice how much you guys have helped me and i can now see how far I have come. I couldn't be more thankful to you guys for everything, even the bad moments because i learnt more from those moments more then any of them. When i'm discharged i'll be sure to pop in and see everyone but for now thank you for it all, i thought it would be rude to not do you one so here you go! Be sure to keep an eye out for a letter from me in July but for now keep doing what your doing and see you guys soon. Be safe everyone 
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